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Welcome to Engelwood Studio

Home of Jamie Kalvestran Design.


Engelwood Studio

My studio is in a tiny cottage in the woods. I naturally wake before dawn to the sights and sounds of nature.  I begin my work day sitting at my drawing board. I start simple with sketchbook prompts and doodles, along with a side of organic coffee and coconut milk.

BTW, Did you know Engel means Angel?  It's also my maiden name.

Where art and products are created . . . inspired by nature and just maybe . . . a few angels.

Wholesale Greeting Cards

Click the collection below to see it in it's entirety. If needed you can apply for wholesale access there.

What's happening in the Studio

I hope you'll enjoy the peek inside my life as an artist in the video below. I update it throughout the season so you can see what I'm experimenting with and catch a glimpse of how a product comes to life. I hope you will enjoy it.